Learn where and how to watch the World Cup matches live!

Stay tuned for upcoming matches and standings from the World Cup in Qatar! Here's how to watch the World Cup 2022 games in real time.

Still don’t know how to watch the World Cup matches live? We are getting closer and closer to knowing the champion of the World Cup 2022 and some teams are already being sent back home.

Since November 20th the matches to decide the best soccer team in the world are already taking place in Qatar. The final match is scheduled for December 18 and the fans who enjoy following the championship are already anxious to see who will win the title.

If you want to follow this dispute to the end, see throughout this text our tips on how to watch the World Cup matches with official broadcasts and great image quality, even on your cell phone!

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How to watch the World Cup matches?

We know that today we have the option to choose among several applications and platforms that offer both channel service and on-demand content, or even the union between these two, with very attractive prices when compared to cable TV channels.

This diversity can leave many people in doubt about which to choose, especially for those who like sports and want to always have these broadcasts at their disposal. With the World Cup, this demand has increased even more. So check out our list of where and how to watch the World Cup games live:


ESPN is a sports channel that is bundled with Disney plus and the Hulu streaming service, but is on this list as a standalone app for those who are sports fans and want an app that grants exclusive access to live soccer matches, schedules, news, videos, and more from the segment.

how to watch the World Cup | Reproduction: ESPN

Here the customer will be able to watch the World Cup matches very easily and at any time of the day. There are several broadcasts focused on the championship and a complete coverage of everything that involves the world cup in Qatar. This is one of the best applications in the market.

Download the app: iOS | Android


FUBO TV is an app and also website aimed at sports fans and the second on our list of how to watch the World Cup matches. Here you will have access to more than 100 TV channels in the streaming model, many exclusive contents and coverage of major events, such as the one that is happening right now.

how to watch the World Cup
how to watch the World Cup | Reproduction: Play Store

Watch the Qatar World Cup, information about the championship, best moves, ratings, programs and commentaries, plus many real time exclusives. Super worth it for those who want to know everything.

Download the app: iOS | Android

Youtube TV

Youtube TV is a North American streaming service that offers several channels, including sports channels for customers to watch World Cup matches and also all the schedules of the existing major leagues.

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how to watch the World Cup | Reproduction: PCMag

In the Youtube TV application or website, the customer will be able to consume more than 100 TV channels, TV shows, series, movies, and many other titles from the catalog, with varied subscription plans to meet the needs of different audiences.

Download: iOS | Android

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